What to Bring

What to bring to your Arkansas Duck Hunt

Find out what you need to bring to make your duck hunt experience the best it can be! Book your hunt today!

Duck hunting license
Call 1-800-364-GAME and request a 5-day waterfowl hunting permit and an Arkansas HIP Card. You’ll need the HIP card even if you already have one from your own state.  You’ll also need an Arkansas duck stamp, which you can get with the permit, and a Federal duck stamp, which you can get along with your license.
A 12-guage is usual for waterfowl, but you might prefer a 20-guage. Bring one or two guns you’re comfortable with.
Choke tube
Consider bringing cylinder or modified choke tubes.
Bring two boxes of 25 shells for each day of hunting. We recommend 3 or 3.5 inch shot. Remember, no lead is allowed for duck hunting – steel only.  Bring a shell box, too.
Gun slings and game straps
When you leave the blind with the limit of ducks, you’ll be glad to have a gun sling and some game straps to help you carry everything.
Duck calls
All of our guides are excellent duck callers, but you can bring your favorite duck calls if you care to.
Straw color camo for upper body clothing is recommended. Shadow Grass and BreakUp are two popular versatile patterns. Avoid wearing green camo as it will make you stand out. Remember, it’s wet out there so pack your rain gear! Be sure to include a hat, plenty of wool or Thermax socks. Long underwear is also recommended.
While some hunters stick with hip boots, chest waders are a better bet. It’s easy to get into the water on the way to the pit or blind, and waders will keep you comfortable.
A hunter’s face sends a strong “danger” signal to the ducks. Wear a full-face straw color camo mask.
We recommend Gore-Tex or Thinsulate water-resistant gloves. We supply handwarmers.
Polarized lenses are helpful for dealing with the glare off the water.
Ear plugs
For the sake of your hearing, consider bringing ear plugs.
A small flashlight helps visibility before sunrise.
Given the conditions, you might prefer a disposable model. Either way, you’ll see some beautiful skies and exciting game, and photos will help you relive the memories of your hunt.
We supply bath towels, but we recommend bringing extras.
We supply soap and toilet paper. If you want moisturizer and mousse, you’re on your own. You’ll also want a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving gear, shampoo, and deodorant.